We provide Mehndi décor sets and packages around London. The great thing about providing décor sets is that you know exactly what you are going to get.

Set themes and combinations allows us to provide set prices meaning you get the most economical value and peace of mind.

At LDN décor we work hard to create set décor themes and keep up to date with the latest trends. Working with our designers we have constant brainstorming events to come up with new designs.

What is including in a typical mehndi décor set?

Basic cushion set

Our cushion set includes 6 floor mattresses and 14 cushions. This creates a great look but also offers a soft seating option for anyone who wants to sit on the floor. If you do not require the floor mattresses you can replace this for 1 rug.

Backdrop cushion set

This option includes 1 backdrop (2 metre high & up to 3 metre wide) along with the basic cushion set. The backdrop makes a real difference and a great focal point for taking pictures against.

Backdrop cushion extra

This option combines the Backdrop cushion set and some additional décor items such as side table or footstools.

Backdrop cushion Bench set

A very popular option includes a bench with cushions. This is great for a mehndi party or function with requires a focal seating point. This includes all the items listed under the backdrop cushion set.

Premium set up

Check out our fully themed set ups, prices dependant on each theme.

Our Mehndi décor package, pre wedding décor package are great for home parties, mehndi parties, sangeet parties and marquees. They are also great for halls and small venues. We cover North London, East London, and West London. The following areas are very popular hires for our set décor designs: Wembley, Stanmore, Harrow, Southall, Ilford, Redbridge, Enfield and Finchley.

Sangeet party and Mehndi Party

We love a good pre wedding party and understand the requirements for Sangeet and Mehndi parties. Using scatter cushions and varies other decorations creates a great atmosphere and gets the ladies up for a Sangeet party full of dancing and celebrations.

Even if you are having a small party at home, our decorations really do help. We tend to also use Mehndi Thaals and other items common in this ceremony so check our designs out.

LDN offer set designs, themes, layouts instead of a fully customisable service. This allows us to focus on providing low prices for our customers compared to other décor companies. As we spend less time sourcing new products to tailor each client we pass this cost savings onto you. So if you like the set ups displayed on our site you can feel confident that you will be receiving the set up at the lowest price possible. We do not negotiate on prices as we believe in offering all our customers the lowest prices feasible.

For more information on our packages and prices please visit our packages page. Here you will find pictures of the products and layouts of décor. As we believe in transparency we have also issued our prices on our site.

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