To view our Privacy policy and how we use your data click here. With so many décor companies out there it becomes so hard to select the right one for you. Browsing hundreds of pictures, searching for reviews and selecting one becomes time consuming and confusing. So what makes us special and different you ask.

Décor with a difference

We really struggled to find décor companies that cater for home functions and pre wedding parties. Of course you will have details of the companies that provide décor for weddings but they often refuse to do smaller events or charge way too much to justify using them to decorate your function. Some fortunate people will know of an Aunty who can decorate your home for you, but the majority of us do not have this luxury. LDN Décor specialise in such functions.

Smaller is better

We stock the decorations which suit smaller functions. Our backdrops are specially designed to fit homes and marquees, the ones used at weddings would be too high. Our props are perfect for pre wedding parties, Mehndi parties and birthday parties. We create a range of themes including the chill out theme and Moroccan theme using items such as lanterns, cushions and low seating. Best of all our niche business model allows us to offer you all of this at a fraction of the cost you’d pay larger décor companies.

LDN Decor is the trading name of L Decor Limited, a company incorporated in England. Company registration number: 11234592. Registered office: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.

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